One of Sales Process Optimzer’s most powerful features is how it (automatically) models your data to make retroactive data analysis intuitive and fast.

This is a massive advantage for Sales Enablement because it turns sales process into a science — you can take an existing sales process and see how consistently it’s been adopted, as well as its impact on Revenue.

Even better, you can build hypotheses on best practices and retroactively test them on your historical data to get answers NOW rather than having to build a program, train reps and wait months to get a result.

And with this type of analytics, you can drive adoption of that process much more quickly because everyone from management to reps KNOW that the data says it will make them more successful.

But some detailed analytics require you to wind back to the clock and examine events in a specific sequence — for example “what is the deal stage where our Sales Engineers first join sales calls” requires that you mine your data in a very specific order.  And this is usually where the data export/excel pivot nightmare usually begins.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce Sequential analytics capability to our customers.

With this enhancement, customers can wind back the clock on any deal and iteratively execute Tracker logic at every step of the customer journey to build an aggregated view of process effectiveness across the organization.

“This is a concept that’s done incredibly well in Marketing and Product Analytics but has been missing from Sales Analytics because it’s far more difficult to get good data on what’s happening in sales engagements and even harder to model two way interactions (vs. a consumer using your website or product).  To all the data driven teams out there who talk about sales being a science — we just built you your science lab” noted Erol Toker, CEO of Truly.

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