Over the past year, we’ve heard our customers tell us that they struggle to operationalize their Gong data in SFDC due to their isolated and confusing data model.  And while Truly’s transcriptions products could close the gap, it felt wasteful/duplicative, given that the data was right there in Salesforce already.

That’s why we built the Gong Adapter managed package — to enable Gong customers to access, report on and operationalize their data however they want within SFDC.

Here’s what happens after you install it into your instance:

  • Anytime a Gong conversation is created, a task is automatically logged with all the relevant native field populated (including Task.Type, Task.CallDurationSettings)
  • The task is then logged against the WhoId listed as the Primary Contact within the Gong Conversation
  • A lookup to the Gong conversation is added to allow easy lookups in reporting and automation tools (Process Builder, Flows, APEX)
  • BONUS If you have the (FREE) Truly Sales Process Optimizer package installed, the task will automatically become assigned to the right Opportunity as well

And best of all, with this data model you can integrate Gong data into any process analytics or process automations that you have set up with Sales Process Optimizer.

You can get it for FREE here.