Call recording has always been the gold standard for managers to coach deals.  Unfortunately, managers just don’t have the time to listen to and coach every single call.  In fact, even orgs with with dedicated sales trainers can’t achieve more than 6% coverage.  That means that reps don’t get guidance on next steps and forecasting 94% of the time.

That’s why we built X-Ray AI, a product that summarizes the contents of a call so well, that it makes listening to call recordings a thing of the past.

What makes X-Ray AI so effective is its ability to excel in five key dimensions that managers look for in a good write-up:

  • Factual Accuracy: are all of the facts in the summary actually true?
  • Contextual Relevance: is there potential to misconstrue what some of these facts are, because of missing context?
  • Completeness: is the summary missing any critical points in the conversation that might alter the reader’s understanding?
  • Readability: is the summary easy to read
  • Length: the average person reads the same number of words per minute as they speak.  This means that reading full transcripts isn’t much more efficient than listening to the recording (and in fact, since you can listen at 1.5x speed, it’s slower).

After 18 months, we’re happy to share that AI-XRay exceeds customer expectations across all these variables, with an average user rating of 85% (and getting better all the time!)

So what are the elements of a conversation that AI-XRay can summarize?  Today the following summary elements are released as Generally Available, with more summarization capabilities on the way:

  • Meeting Purpose/Agenda
  • Customer Questions asked
  • Customer Painpoints/Issues
  • Deal/Process Blockers
  • Customer Committed Next Steps
  • Rep Committed Next Steps
  • Expanded Meeting Notes

Best of all, this requires ZERO model training, and can be switched on at any time.

And thanks to Sales Process Optimizer, you can automatically target analytics/CRM field updates specifically on each summary to get more targeted analytics than before.

Interested?  Please contact your Account Manager to get a trial going today.