Missing emails in CRM was one of those problems everyone knew about, but couldn’t quantify before Truly came along (in case you’re wondering, the number is 65% — see our benchmark performance tests).

And of course, once we opened this door, a flood of feature requests came in to further refine and customize this syncing logic.

So without further ado, here are the new settings we’ve added:

  • Sync Email Only For Missing Contacts: this setting ignores the most common use case that email tracking vendors handle (syncing an email when the contact is known or explicitly in the From/To section.)
  • Blacklist Accounts: this setting makes it possible to blacklist email sync to certain sensitive accounts altogether.  Previously, we offered the ability to redact these emails on the Create trigger but this ensures that the email data never even touches salesforce.
  • Ignore New Contacts In Freemium Domains: with this setting, emails that are exchanged with freemium domains (gmail, yahoo, etc) will not log to Salesforce if the contact does not exist.  This eliminates the chances of an email being routed to the wrong account.

These are just a few enhancements to email tracking with more on the way!

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or a product consultant.