Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Web Meeting Recorder feature.

For years, sales leaders, managers and reps used our platform to track their calls/texts in CRM, knowing that every single touch point would make it back to the CRM.  But there was always one type of call that remained difficult to track — Web Meetings.

The problem with web meetings is that ‘dialing in’ to them is a very frustrating experience.


For reps, it adds two minutes of additional call setup time (that’s 10% of the average scheduled meeting) and forces them to deal with entering pin codes.

For prospects, there’s the pain of wondering why the person’s video is on but audio isn’t coming through, and experiencing delayed/lower quality audio.




And while we suggested to our customers that they try using their meeting platform’s Salesforce integrations, what we heard was that they suffered from the same problems that led them to Truly in the first place — missing metadata, faulty sync logic, etc.  They wanted the simplicity of call tracking to be brought to Web Meetings.

And after 6 months of work, we’re excited to deliver just that to our customers.


The Solution

With this release, our users will benefit from the following functionality

  • Automatic Meeting Join: our recording bot will now automatically detect external web meetings on your calendar and dial into the meeting as a silent participant (even if you aren’t at your computer, or choose to dial in via mobile phone). 
  • Meeting Recording: Once the Meeting Recorder joins the meeting, the entire session will be recorded (audio and video).  The file will be compressed and stored on Truly’s servers, so it doesn’t eat into your Zoom or Salesforce storage quota.
  • Salesforce Sync: just as before, Truly will automatically use the call and calendar metadata to construct an Activity, to make the meeting trackable in CRM.  It will do this for every Truly user who participates in the meeting, giving you additional visibility into how much time/resources your team is investing into each account and opportunity.


Best of all, this data will automatically be captured by our Revenue Process Automation Salesforce package to deliver meeting-specific insights, in the CRM you already use.


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