Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of Truly CI for Salesforce – the first Conversation Intelligence product built for the world’s #1 CRM.

For years, our customers had expressed interest in unlocking the treasure trove of data in their call recordings with transcription.  During that time, we learned a lot from the challenges that they had with third party Conversation Intelligence tools.  These included high cost, poor transcription quality, lack of control/extensibility, compliance concerns and the added complexity of managing one more tool in the stack.

While we waited for someone else to solve these issues, we started thinking about how our platform could address them in a unique way.  We knew that since we operated our own infrastructure, we were better positioned to solve for compliance, pricing and technical capabilities.  We also knew that our unique focus on enhancing Salesforce would give us a unique perspective 


Can You Build Conversation Intelligence In SFDC?

Taking the current market leader as an example, we decided to see if/how we could rebuild their functionality on top of the Salesforce platform.  

The key challenges were replicating the full suite of functionality within the limitations of the salesforce platform:

  • Search: giving users a Google like interface that’s fast, accurate, and intuitive to filter/drilldown into results.
  • Reporting: giving users the ability to query their data looking backwards, including things like keyword trackers (competitor names, news events, etc)
  • Data Storage & Governance: ensuring only the the right people would have their call records transcribed and synced to Salesforce, and that only the right people would have the rights to see/modify those records.
  • Transcription Data: of course in order to power all of these capabilities, we had to figure out how to get transcription data from AWS in an accurate and clean reporting format.

After many iterations with our customers, we were finally able to deliver on all of these features without compromise.


What’s In The Latest Release?

With our latest release, sales teams will be able to execute their most popular Conversation Intelligence workflows natively inside of the Salesforce, including:

  • Transcription Search/Filtering: use Salesforce’s native search and reporting capabilities to search for calls, and drill down by Account, Opportunity, Opportunity Stage, keyword, team, user, date and more.
  • Metadata Extraction: get reportable/queryable statistics for each call, like Talk Time, Talk Time Percentage, Interruptions and Questions Asked.

In addition, Salesforce administrators will be able to benefit from the full functionality that Salesforce offers through Process Builder and Flows.  This enables use cases like:

  • Sentiment Analysis: every time a prospect uses a swear word, update the Case or send a note to a manager
  • Automated Dispositioning: if all of your criteria are met, then tag the related Activity with an automated disposition value.
  • Rep Coaching: if a rep doesn’t ask more than 5 questions on a discovery call, flag the related activity as ‘requires coaching’. 


Erol Toker, Truly’s CEO added: “This is the first step to addressing the oldest problem in CRM – eliminating manual data entry and making information accessible to everyone across the organization.  We’re excited to make this a core pillar of the product and to iterate on it further this year.”


Want to learn more?  Please contact your Account Manager to get access, or contact a product consultant!