Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our integration with SalesLoft, as their first official phone system partner.

This has been something our customers had been asking for over many years, as they looked to build a ‘best of breed’ sales stack that balances the power of cadencing for outbound prospecting teams, and the reliability/support/standardization of a phone system that’s deployed across the entire company.

While the two products previously integrated on the surface, the user experience was such that reps felt like they were using two different systems.  Furthermore, admins couldn’t share their calling data across their entire stack (cadencing tool, CRM, BI platform, etc)

With the changes we’re announcing today, we’ve eliminated these frictions to deliver a truly native experience that gives reps the best of all worlds, including:

  • Click to Call: reps can initiate calls in Truly from within the SalesLoft UI and Chrome Extension.
  • Unified Dispositions: reps’ dispositions in Truly are pushed to SalesLoft to enhance reporting and automatically trigger sequence steps without duplicating data in both places
  • Integrated UI Flows: reps complete sequence steps in Truly, automatically triggering UI changes inside of SalesLoft

“The recent move to working from home has made it more important than ever to deliver a great rep experience and ensure that data is making it through to all of the company’s systems.  This is the first CTI integration of its kind in the sales engagement space, and we’re delighted to play a part in setting a new standard” noted Truly’s CEO, Erol Toker.

With this release, customers get several benefits that they previously didn’t have, including the ability to: 

  • Purchase a single voice solution for the entire company, with highly customized pricing, specialized support and Enterprise grade IT standards
  • Connect their voice solution to workflows across different CRMs, teams and processes for better user and reporting experiences.
  • Add blended inbound/outbound calling flows across their entire revenue team (eg: call transfer, departments, etc)
  • Share the voice of the customer more broadly across the organization with a single system of record for voice recordings and governance rules.
  • Add support for additional platforms (mobile, deskphones) and mediums (SMS and MMS)


Are you a SalesLoft customer and interested in a better phone integration?  We’d love to connect with you!