Today, we’re delighted to announce the release of a “holy grail” feature, which has been asked for by our customers and prospects for many years – Unified Salesforce Analytics.

Salesforce is the most expensive CRM product in the market.  Companies of all sizes decide to buy it because of its immense customizability and reporting capabilities.  They buy into the vision of delivering highly personalized, hyper-efficient customer experiences at every stage of their scale.  However, few of them ever succeed at this, because the Salesforce product is not natively built to answer the questions today’s data driven sales teams have.

As a result, these companies have to look elsewhere to solve the problem through “build, buy or hack” approaches, that have led to a bloated sales stack that looks like this:


How big is this problem? According to IDC…

The average company invests an additional $3.2 for every $1 they spend on Salesforce.  This is expected to go up to $5 by 2025 according to IDC.  

And this trend couldn’t come at a worse time, when companies are dealing with the fall out of COVID-19 and trying to retain their workforce by cutting costs.


So what’s the solution?

Our enterprise customers did just fine with the “build/buy/hack” approach because they had large human/tech resources… but what about everyone else?

Our mid-market customers didn’t have the same level of resources, and were constantly coming to us with questions on how to best leverage the data that we were generating.  While we built out more and more integrations into their sales tools (hoping that someone else would solve the problem), these customers kept coming back to us saying they weren’t satisfied with these third party reporting tools.


Do we build it ourselves?

So we naturally asked ourselves, “do we have to build this?”.  It was something that we really didn’t want to do because a) we didn’t want to add ANOTHER expense to our customers and b) there were enough people out there ‘solving’ this problem, and it seemed hard to believe that we could do better.

Then it hit us.


Why not just fix Salesforce?

We knew better than anyone what customers wanted to get out of their funnel analytics, and we knew the limitations of Salesforce.  So we wondered – can we use Salesforce’s infinite customizability to just fix its limitations?  And after a year of research, we found a solution that would allow us to do exactly that.

With one click, our Salesforce managed package will (safely):

  • Augment your existing Salesforce data model.
  • Automate ETLs on existing workflows to passively transform and load your data
  • Deliver pre-built reports that are organized around specific roles and jobs, whether that’s sales strategy, sales enablement or sales management.


Product Benefits

These are just a few of the benefits that this new product will deliver to our customers:

  • Funnel Analytics: how many touches it takes to move customers across each stage of the lifecycle ? What channels are most successful in driving progression? How is our connect rate changing over time? What stage of the funnel are we working?  Answer these questions and more.
  • Coaching Analytics: instantly see playlists of the calls, texts and emails broken down by funnel stage.  Use our data driven management guide to diagnose rep performance issues interactively with dashboards specifically built to get a view of rep activity, behavior, efficiency, etc.
  • Real-Time Data (Without The Work): No more data exports, data cleanup, VLookups, etc.  Get all of your funnel stats in real-time (no need to wait for days, weeks, months, quarters.
  • Save $$$: by implementing this package, the average mid-market company will save $20k-100k / year by eliminating manual data cleanup and investing in third party BI Tools
  • Greater Business Agility: by abstracting your activity tracking and reporting needs from third party sales tools into the CRM layer, you get the ultimate flexibility in choosing and maintaining your stack.  No longer will you be locked into one solution because of your legacy reporting data.


If you’re an existing customer, please reach out to your account manager for more details.  If you’re a prospective customer, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!