Over the past few weeks, many of us have been forced to change the way we live our lives and run our businesses.  People of all ages, nationalities and professions are sheltering in place to keep their friends and family safe.

During this difficult time, our team has worked hard to help our customers transition to this new environment as quickly as possible.

Since “Unconditional Transparency” is one of our core customer values, we’ve decided to share an update with our community on our progress


Ensuring Business Continuity

From the early days of this outbreak, our #1 priority has been continuity of service.

The first pillar of this was ensuring that our (growing) team is safe, healthy and available to support our customers.  Fortunately, 80% of our team was already remote and geographically distributed, so we had the tools/processes in place to serve our customers from anywhere.  We also proactively shut down our regional offices two weeks before the Shelter In Place order to give our teams the time they needed to set up workstations at home.

The second pillar of this was ensuring uptime and continuity on the core platform.  Fortunately, we had our bases covered here as well:

  • Data Center Infrastructure: our system is cloud native and 100% hosted in AWS in multiple data centers around the world.
  • Telecom Infrastructure: load across carrier networks has grown exponentially over recent weeks, causing lots of intermittent issues for various providers.  Fortunately, we have relationships with multiple Tier 1 operators on each continent, ensuring ensuring continuity of service.

A third consideration was ensuring continued quality of user experience for users across the platform.  Consumer-grade internet connections are being overloaded, making VOIP a difficult option for many.  For those who are impacted in this way, fortunately our mobile applications have ensured they can keep their business communications going (while still tracking data to CRM) over cellular networks as a secondary source of redundancy.

Thanks to these precautions, our customers largely made the shift to remote work without any disruption in their operations.


Supporting Our Customers

We knew that if there ever was a time for us to be there for our customers, this was it.

To do this, we put on our thinking caps over the past few weeks and are sprinting as hard as we can to help them through the next quarter.

Some of the resources we’re putting together include:

  • Remote Work Guides: being a remote team ourselves, we’ve built up a large library of content to help make the transition easier.  We are publishing this content in a series of posts (example).
  • New Salesforce Package: We have a 20% project in the works to put out an ‘open source’ salesforce reporting project designed to help manage reps remotely.
  • Updated Product Roadmap: We’ve accelerated a number of projects that are tied to improved activity tracking and reporting.
  • Semi-Weekly Newsletters: We’re aggregating content across the industry into several newsletters to ensure that leaders (C-Level, VP Sales, Sales Ops) are benefitting from the incredible wealth of information that’s being shared is making it to everyone who needs it.


Supporting Our Community

We’ve made our mantra for the coming quarter #WereInThisTogether.

If you’re a business that’s been negatively impacted by COVID-19, we want to support you in any way that we can.  Please get in touch with us to see how we can help!