At Truly’s core, we believe that great sales teams need the whole story of a call in order to make the decisions that make revenue skyrocket. Getting that “whole story,” however, relies on making sure that admins (from Heads of IT to sales managers) have a bird’s eye view of what their sales team is up to, as well as the ability to tweak their formula for success on the fly. In modern sales, your strategy changes fast. Truly’s new admin experience allows you to keep up with the pace, while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

With a focus on fast yet flexible administration, admin has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on a few major points:

Quick Workflows

You can now get a totally new phone number and assign it to your phone menu, without ever leaving the Phone Menus section. Interactions like these mean you spend a lot less time switching between settings, and a lot more time thinking about what is going to take your sales team to the next level.


The content in every page on Admin is now searchable and includes “at a glance” information designed to give additional context on items.

Fast Performance

Admin has been rebuilt with the latest technology standards, with performance up to 3X faster than the previous admin console.

The admin refresh is just the beginning of a new push to build the best administration experience for sales team. We’re also adding some powerful new features to keep your win rate high.

With the new Truly Admin, we’re also rolling out a totally new feature, Forms.

Forms allows you to manage multiple dispositions, quickly rearranging them or making them required as you tweak your formula for success.

The all new Truly Admin is available today.

You can try the new admin experience today. Simply log onto the admin panel, and click “Try the New Admin Experience” in the banner at the bottom of the screen. We’ll be rolling this out to everyone over the next few months as the default experience, and along the way will be adding some exciting new features.

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