Imagine a world where you call a prospect, and the following happens:

  • The prospect doesn’t get annoyed and hang up on you
  • The prospect actually appreciates getting a call
  • The prospect agrees to give you time to chat

What’s this bizarre Sales-Utopia from a parallel universe?

This is what happens when you ‘warm call’ someone whom your company already has an established relationship with, and it’s a game changer for driving revenue.

There’s a reason Account Managers are in a fundamentally advantageous position to drive this type of conversation:

  1. Once a buyer has a relationship with a vendor, they have a strong incentive to nurture it, at least somewhat. After all, (s)he is dependent on this company in some way to drive their success. If they ever have a product issue/need, they’re going to want to cash in on the goodwill to get it resolved far faster than what any SLA requires.
  2. They never get calls from their other AMs. It makes them feel cared for, it gives them an opportunity to make asks, and it differentiates you from other vendors in an instant (when’s the last time you got a call from your account manager?)
  3. Buyers constantly have new business challenges, and they will prefer solving them with an existing vendors 10/10 times

This is the complete opposite dynamic of what your Account Executives deal with, and it drives incredible sales efficiencies because of 1) lower commissions, 2) lower man-hours-effort per oppt dollar 3) compounding growth through expansion 4) opportunity cost of churn.

The best SaaS Companies 2x their contract value in less than two years through this model alone. Are you taking advantage of this with your customers?